At the core of our service is an individualized Financial Plan. Our advisors endeavor to learn as much as possible about a client’s financial life. We listen to the individual’s concerns, hopes, ideas, and goals. The Plan becomes as unique as the people it is prepared for.


An IRS tax notice or revenue officer arriving at the door to your home or business can be the beginning of serious difficulties. The IRS has the ability to seize assets including wages, freeze bank accounts, and contact third persons in an attempt to collect taxes from you.


At Slade & Company we deliver financial clarity in two ways: By helping to educate our clients, and by serving our clients’ needs.

You are our Center

We are centered on the client. Only by placing you at the core of everything we do can we truly meet your needs. And we meet your needs by providing you with openly objective advice, personal service, a team approach, deep experience and strong fundamentals in financial planning and taxation. As a result, we believe our approach allows for a holistic approach to all aspects of your financial life.

What's New?

William was recently quoted in the American Occupational Therapy Association article 10 Tax Tips for OTs